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Minibus Hire for Corporate Events

Do you have an upcoming Corporate Event that requires transporting your business colleagues group around? Whether it’s a function, team building exercise or an airport pick-up/drop-off, SmartBus Minibus is your solution!

Minibus Hire for Functions

It may be a new product launch, rewards ceremony, annual national conference or an end of year break-up. It doesn’t matter what the function is, you need to get your team to it with a minimum of fuss. Hiring a minibus will keep your team together and get them there safely and on time.

Minibus Hire for Team Building

A Team Building event can be a great experience for all included. An outing at a fun location, like a golf day or wine tour can be exactly what is needed to allow your team to get to know each other. Or maybe you need something that brings the team together, like trust-building events like a survivor style day out or a scavenger hunt? The key here is focusing on team building so you should travel to and from the event together too.

Minibus Hire for Airport Pick-Ups and Drop-Offs

Do your interstate colleagues need to be picked up from the airport? Or is your team travelling interstate for business or corporate events? Then a minibus hire is the perfect solution for getting you all there together and on time!

Why Hire a Minibus for Corporate or Business Events?

We’ve mentioned a few benefits of Minibus Hire already, like keeping the team together while you travel, travelling safely and getting to the event on time. There are more reasons than that to Hire a Minibus, like no worries about parking or drink driving if alcohol is served.

If the event is a golf day or survival style thing, then you may have a longer distance to travel to get there. In that case you will save money on petrol expenses by having on one or two minibuses rather than each individual requesting petrol reimbursements. And wine tours and minibuses just make sense.

Why choose SmartBus?

The answer is simple, the experience! When you book with us, you will experience an easy to use online system, or a knowledgeable and professional assistant on the phone. Once we have all the information necessary to prepare your trip, our journey co-ordinators will put it all together for you. On the day, our professional drivers will come and collect you and your team and transport them safely and on time to the destination. If it is a multiple destination journey, the driver will keep you on track so that you can reach them all on time. When it is time to return you back to your business, the driver will be there waiting and will see that everyone is returned safely.

Our drivers are police checked and trained to know the best route to take to get you where you need to go on time and safely.

SmartBus Minibus Hire, the Perfect Solution for your Corporate Event!