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Wedding Transport

Organising a wedding is a stressful time, typically for the principal organiser, who is typically the Bride and/or the Mother of the Bride.

One of the big logistical issues of the day is how to move people around. Driving their own cars is not ideal, as people may have flown in for the ceremony and don’t have their car. Of course, the other important consideration is to avoid guests or the wedding party from drink driving. There would be nothing worse that a member of the wedding party loosing their licence, or worse being hurt in a car accident.

The tradition of a lengthy break between the formal ceremony and the reception allows the bridal party to take photos but also can tempt people into having a few drinks at the bar while they wait for the bridal party.

A SmartBus can be a convenient solution to this problem. A driver can help guest arrive at the ceremony; then move them in comfort to the reception, and finally, deliver the guests home safely.

Find out more about the transport services we can provide to make your wedding day safe yet enjoyable for your guests or members of the wedding party. Read more about our ‘Wedding Minibus