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Wedding Bus Hire

Are you organising a wedding and are concerned with how your family and friends will travel from the ceremony to the reception?

Are you looking for transport to get everyone to the ceremony, everything in-between and home again at the end of the night?

  • Do you have a large bridal party that needs transporting?
  • Do you have a contingent of interstate or overseas visitors that need collecting from the airport?
  • Do you want to help drinkers get home without risking their driver’s license
  • Do you want to make sure your guests arrive on time!

Why not consider hiring a minibus to get everyone there and back safely?

Wedding Bus Hire is becoming the fashionable way to transport your guests without the risks

The Advantages of hiring a Wedding Bus

With a large group of people needing transportation, a minibus is the perfect solution for any occasion but especially for a wedding. If your ceremony and reception take place at separate venues, you can easily arrange transport for everyone together from location to location. This is very handy if your guests like to indulge a bit as you don’t have to worry about anyone drink driving.

You also don’t need to worry about anyone getting lost as they all travel together. That’s very handy for visitors from out of town or anyone not familiar with the locations.

Maybe you don’t want the wedding party in a minibus for the ceremony and reception but what about the preparation earlier in the day or getting home at the end of the night? A minibus could get all the women to the hairdresser together. At the end of the night, the bridesmaids and groomsmen will probably require help getting home too.

What about the photos in between? A minibus can get all of the wedding party to and from a separate location, which only they and the parents may need to get to, with ease.

You could also consider using a minibus for the bucks and hens nights to get everyone around safely, or maybe just for the pick up at the end of the night when everyone has had a bit to drink.

There are lots of uses for a minibus when it comes to weddings after all.

SmartBus – Your best choice for a Wedding bus

SmartBus is a great option for Wedding Bus Hire. Once you book us, our journey co-ordinators will help you plan just how, where and when everyone needs to be picked up and dropped off. They make sure it all happens seamlessly and stress-free. Our drivers are professionals. They undergo police checks before they are hired and will make sure that everyone gets transported safely and on time.

We have multiple minibuses in our fleet. The buses are prestige vehicles that will ensure your guests are transported in style and comfort.

SmartCar – Luxury cars with your own chauffeur

We are part of a larger company that also has a series of luxury vehicles that could be used for the wedding party, to get to the ceremony and then on to the reception, called SmartCar.

This might be a special treat for the bridal parents


When you consider all of these factors, hiring a Wedding Bus Hire is great idea and could be the perfect solution to your transportation needs! You might even say it’s the perfect solution.

Why not book now and put your mind at rest!