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MiniBus with Driver

MiniBus with DriverTravelling with SmartBus in a MiniBus with driver is an excellent choice when you need to move a group of people with ease. Whether it’s an airport transfer, winery tour, corporate or business event, moving your wedding guests from the ceremony to the reception or some other reason, SmartBus MiniBus will be there on time, with a knowledgeable driver, to get you safely to your destination.

What is a MiniBus?

Bigger than a minivan and smaller than a bus, a MiniBus is designed to transport 8 to 30 passengers.

Why Hire a MiniBus?

Hire a minibus with driver to transport groups of people from one place to another with a minimum of fuss.

The benefits of using a Mini Bus are:-

  • Convenience – no parking issues, everyone is together and not in separate vehicles, no drink driving, no reimbursing petrol or parking expenses
  • Comfort – no stress involved with driving, finding car parks or someone getting lost Our minibuses are modern safe and comfortable
  • Atmosphere – the group is together in one vehicle rather than multiple ones so everyone can be involved in the social interactions
  • Time-Saving – our minibus drivers are knowledgeable about road conditions, routes and traffic. A Mini Bus is capable in heavy traffic or clear roads. Combined with our journey planning you will avoid delays, the driver will get you there on time and safely.

Situations when you might need a MiniBus

Corporate or Business

  • an offsite training session
  • team building event
  • conferences
  • social gathering i.e. Christmas Party

Social Clubs

  • dinners
  • garden club tour
  • wine tour
  • concerts
  • sporting events

Wedding Transport

  • guests from ceremony to reception
  • wedding party to ceremony, photo shoot, reception and home
  • interstate visitors from accommodation to ceremony, reception and back

Airport Transfers

  • travelling for business or pleasure
  • guests for special events like weddings or conferences
  • sporting team travelling to a game
  • sporting fans following their favourite team
  • music festivals

Other Group Charter situations

  • tourist groups
  • school excursions
  • trip to Monarto Zoo
  • historical tour

MiniBus Winery Tours

  • Adelaide Hills wine tours
  • Barossa Valley wine tours
  • McLaren Vale wine tours

Drive yourself?

Why miss out on the atmosphere of the event? Why stress out driving something your unfamiliar with when you could be sitting back and enjoying the trip? Do you have the required license for the size of the minibus? Hiring a mini bus with a driver is a much smarter option.

Our Drivers and Booking System

Our experienced drivers undergo police checks, are professional and responsible for getting you to your destination/s on time and safely. When you book using our sophisticated online booking management system the data will be forwarded to our knowledgeable journey coordinators. They will take that information and map out your route, from start to finish. This is especially handy for wine tours or other trips with multiple destinations.

For more information on these topics see  – Mini Bus Adelaide and Why Hire a MiniBus in Adelaide? Or click on the highlighted headings for specific on that subject.


Make SmartBus your Choice when hiring a MiniBus with Driver!

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