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Mini Bus Hire for School Excursions

A Mini Bus Hire for School Excursions makes a lot of sense and offers several advantages to driving, taking the bus or a train. Whether it is a school trip to a museum, a swimming lesson, a camping trip or a sporting event, using a Mini Bus for a School Excursion is so much easier.

Advantages of Mini Bus Hire for School Excursions

No matter the event, using a Mini Bus for a school excursion is easier than driving and splitting the group up into several cars and then finding parking spaces.

Advantages over driving:

  • Keep the school group all together
  • No need for multiple cars
  • You don’t need to find multiple car parks
  • Parking is free
  • The group all arrive and leave together, and on time
  • Noone in the group needs to drive

Advantages over taking public transport – bus or train:

  • Your group doesn’t disturb other travellers
  • No need to synchronise your trip with public transport timetables
  • Mini Bus is usually much faster than public transport
  • Headcounts are easier when it is only your group on the bus/train

Examples of MiniBus School Excursions

There are several great places that students can experience culture or history around Adelaide or maybe it’s a camping trip to a local campground or a trip interstate. No matter the location or event, using Mini Bus Hire for School Excursions is easier.

Destinations outside of the city centre can be difficult and time-consuming to reach via public transport. Or maybe it’s a swimming carnival or sports day located at another school, public pool or oval. Then there is the trip interstate which requires everyone to go to the airport or a camping trip at Victor Harbor, Mylor or somewhere else that is an hour or more away. Using public transport is just not an option and asking parents to get their children there on time is not going to happen.

However, meeting at the school, gathering together as a group and using a Mini Bus is an easy solution to these transport problems. You are not tied to timetables or seating availability. None of your students can wander off to another section of the bus or train and get left behind. There are no other passengers that you have to worry about upsetting or taking seats from. There is no need to worry about traffic or road works slowing you down as the driver has all the information needed in regards to these conditions and will have the routes worked out ahead of time.

Why choose SmartBus for your Mini Bus Hire School Excursion?

SmartBus provides a quality service. We are someone you can rely on. The mini bus will be comfortable, neat and clean. Our drivers are professional, experienced, fully licensed and have undergone Police checks. They are responsible for getting you to your destination on time and safely. If you book using our sophisticated online booking management system, the information will be forwarded to our experienced journey coordinators. They will take that information and map out your route, from beginning to end.

We look forward to making your school excursion a success.

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