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Why hire a MiniBus in Adelaide?

Hiring a minibus in Adelaide provides several advantages over driving. There are work, social, family or travel situations where this is beneficial. Mini bus hire Adelaide can often be a cost-effective solution to group transport without compromising comfort. 

The Work Situation & Mini Bus Hire

You have an event offsite, maybe it’s a training session or a team building exercise. Hiring a minibus to get your team to the event has several advantages:

  • not having to find or pay for parking spaces
  • it gets the group all there on time and
  • if alcohol is served, you don’t have to worry about anyone drinking and driving
  • reduced transport costs per head

The Social Event

Social Clubs events, parties or wine tours are common uses of minibuses. This allows everyone to be together and not only enjoy the day but also each other’s company. Adelaide has several great wine regions within short distances and we can tailor the tour to your tastes, time and budget. Hiring a mini bus for your wine tour makes perfect sense. Everyone can enjoy themselves without being concerned about driving.

Hire a mini bus for Wedding Transport

A Wedding is a joyous event. Imagine being able to transport your guests from the ceremony to the reception venue without any hassles. This is especially handy when there are limited parking spaces available. You could even use it for the bridal party to travel from the reception to your photo shoot and then to the reception. Enjoy the day and concentrate on the event, rather than the travel logistics. Read more about a Wedding MiniBus

Airport Transfers in a Mini Bus

You need to get yourself and your luggage to the airport and don’t want to pay for long term parking? Or you have a group of visiting colleagues or family for an event. Do these people need to be picked up and transported to their accommodation or directly to the event? Then a minibus is a perfect choice.

Driving a Hired Minibus Yourself – maybe not!

The obvious answer is that you wouldn’t be able to enjoy the activities with your group. You would be stuck in the driver’s seat, unable to join in the wine tastings or spend as much time with your group.

Depending on the size of the group and minibus required, you may also need a drivers special licence to drive it too.  An experienced driver will have that mini bus licence, and also know exactly where to go. The whole point of hiring the minibus is to enjoy your experience with your group.

But what about the mini bus hire cost?

Simple, split the cost between your group. It will be cheaper than taxis, there’s no parking expenses and cheaper than hiring enough limos for the whole group.

What to look for when hiring a Minibus

So you’ve decided you want to hire a minibus but you don’t know who to choose. You need a quality service, someone you can rely on, the minibus to be neat and clean, an experienced driver and one or more minibuses big enough to carry your group.

Why choose SmartBus for your mini bus hire?

Apart from having all of the qualities mentioned above, we are a wholly owned subsidiary of SmartCar Australia – SA’s finest chauffeured limousine service. We have a fleet of mini buses and drivers as well as a sophisticated booking management system to ensure your minibus arrives on time. Our experienced journey coordinators will map out the start and destination for your trip to ensure we get your people there on time, safely and in comfort.

We look forward to making your group outing a success.
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