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What is a Mini Bus?

A Mini Bus is a passenger carrying vehicle that can transport more people than a car or minivan and less than a full-size bus. Seating capacity can range from 8 to 30 seats.

Being smaller than the full-size bus allows a more social atmosphere and is quicker transport through traffic.

A Mini Bus Adelaide can be booked via a call to
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Hiring a minibus to solve group transport problems

Here are some situations where hiring a mini bus
will help solve your group transport challenges.

Wedding Transport

  • You need to move your Bridal Party from the ceremony to the photo shoot location and then to the reception
    They need to be moved in comfort. The bride and bridesmaids need easy vehicle access.
    There might be a larger group if the parents of the bride and groom also tag along.
  • A group of wedding guests who are from interstate or overseas need to be picked up from the airport or transported to the wedding ceremony and then to the reception. These people will also need to get back to the airport to home too.
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Corporate Transport

  • The staff in a department are undertaking a team building exercise. They’ll need to be relocated en-masse along with their luggage. After the team building sessions, they need to be returned to the office, or their homes.
  • You have work colleagues coming from interstate who need to be picked up from the airport and delivered to their hotel and then to the work function.

Social Group Transport

  • A social club doing a visit of wineries or a garden club going to visit gardens
  • Getting guests to and from birthday, bachelor, hens night or anniversary parties

Airport Transfers

  • A group of friends are holidaying together and you’d prefer to not leave your cars in long-term parking at the Adelaide Airport.

Why would you hire a Mini Bus?

There are several reasons you would want to hire a Mini Bus. Convenience, comfort, atmosphere and time saving are the main benefits.


You don’t have to worry about finding and paying for parking. If you have a workgroup going to a function, you don’t need to worry about reimbursing each one for parking and petrol expenses. It also means that no one will be late or get lost on their way. This would be a cheaper cost per passenger. You also don’t need to worry about the safety of your staff if alcohol is served at the function.


You don’t need to worry about the stress of driving or finding a park. You can relax and enjoy the drive with your group. Plus our modern vehicles are well equipped and offer passengers a luxurious experience.


The group is all together, in the one vehicle, instead of distributed across multiple cars in isolated smaller groups. Therefore, in the case of a wine tour, everyone can enjoy the day together. As no one is driving, the entire group can join in conversations and the social interactions.

Because no-one in the group is driving, everyone can join in the conversations and social activities, including having a guilt-free drink.

Time Saving

Apart from the previously mentioned benefits such as simple parking and having everyone together so no-one is late or getting lost, a minibus can often being quicker through heavy traffic. SmartBus drivers are very knowledgeable about journey planning, so delays are avoided and the most comfortable routes are used.

About SmartBus

We have many different Mini Buses for you to choose from depending on the number of people you need to transport and our drivers are professionals. They and have undergone police checks and are responsible for getting you to your destination/s on time and in safety. We have a sophisticated booking management system and experienced journey coordinators who will map out the start and destination/s for your trip.

We look forward to making your group outing a success.
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