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Minibus transfersAdelaide Airport Minibus Transfers

There are several reasons that you might need to arrange Adelaide Airport MiniBus Transfers. Most likely to move a group of people to or pick them up from the Adelaide Airport.
This might involve business associates, wedding guests, sporting teams or fans, family or social clubs.

Imagine these situations where a minibus will help you solve this people transport issue:

  • Your Business Associates are flying into Adelaide for a conference, seminar, convention, training session or a team building exercise.
  • Your family and friends are gathering for a birthday, wedding, a holiday, a reunion or a sporting event and are flying from interstate or international locations.
    Here’s more specific information on how a SmartBus Minibus can help with Wedding Transport
  • Your sporting team has an interstate game and you want to get your players, members and/or fans to the airport together.
    If it’s a junior team you might need to get the families there too. It might be Football, Basketball, Soccer, Cricket or Golf. The type of sport doesn’t matter, what matters is that you all want to travel together to enjoy the club or team atmosphere.
  • Your social club wants to visit related locations Interstate.
    For example, a Gardening Club or you are holding an event for interstate social clubs to come visit.

The last thing you want to do is leave any of these people standing around waiting in the airport arrival hall. This is not a good introduction to your business, family, sporting or social club.

Getting to the Adelaide Airport

Arranging a SmartBus MiniBus to deliver you and your group to the Adelaide Airport is a smart choice. Not only will you avoid the hassles of parking but you will all arrive together relaxd and ready for the journey ahead.

Collecting Visitors Arriving at the Adelaide Airport

Arranging a SmartBus to collect and transfer your visitors is a smart choice. Once again, you will avoid the hassles of parking and your whole group can be collected at once. We can then deliver them directly to their accommodation, your event or whatever destination you prefer. We can even take them on a short sightseeing tour of Adelaide.

Minibus Tours of Adelaide

Why not take your group on some sightseeing or winery tours while they’re here? We have several nearby wine regions with the Barossa and McLaren Vale districts within a few hours’ drive. Or perhaps they would prefer to have a game of golf? We can supply a quality vehicle, large enough to accommodate everyone, your guests and the local team. While our driver takes care of your journey, you can concentrate on looking after your guests and enjoying the experience yourself.

SmartBus for MiniBus Airport Transfers

Our Mini Bus fleet consists of prestige vehicles so your guests will enjoy the experience in comfort and safety. Our experienced drivers will transport you and your guests to and from your destinations. SmartBus’ cloud-based trip management system ensures that everyone is collected and delivered on time. Multiple vehicles can also be used to solve any logistical issues.

To find out more about the transport services we can for your guests or yourself, click here or call us on (08) 8440 0740 or click here to book online now.